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Spyrus creating unauthorized Manager Cards

4K Smart cards which had never been previously programmed are being
recognized by the Card Manager as manager cards.

When a virgin card from CardLogix is inserted into a Spyrus (have tried
CM-0-2-9 and CM-1-1-1) the prompt "Upgrade Mgr Card?" is displayed. Pressing
the ENTER key creates a valid manager card.  This happens in Admin mode and
Election mode.

The only way which I have found to avoid this situation is to initiate the
card by creating it as a voter card with an AVTS unit (any version).  Once a
card has been programmed once it will work correctly for any election.

Will overnight a batch of virgin cards to Vancouver.  Please let me know the
amount you may need.

Stephen Ricke
Global Election Systems
Phone: 972-542-6000
Fax:   972-542-6044
Email: Steve@GESN.com